The CoreID implementation guide

The CoreID implementation guide for authentication.

Received your account secrets and ready to go?

1. Embed the client

<!-- TEST -->
<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>

2. Configure and start

Here is a quick example of how to configure the client

  config: {
    allowedEids: ['*'],   // enable all eID providers
    mode: 'auth',         // sets the mode to authentication
    language: 'sv',       // set the client to use swedish language
    provider: 'se-bankid',// default provider to show on start
  token: '😎✌️🏽',
  callback: function(data) {
    // for example, send it back to your iOS webview:

    console.log('CoreID response', data);

// start the client!

Check out the docs for a full API and configuration reference.

3. Done!